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Wat maakt een Magioni pizza nu anders?

The idea

After a fun night out with her friends Manon van Essen joked: “If it were possible to eat pizza without getting fat, wouldn’t that solve a world problem?” After exploring the options on Instagram, the girls found out that there was in fact already an answer to their question: the cauliflower pizza! Manon felt inspired by the thousands of foodies sharing pictures of their homemade cauliflower pizza’s, and decided to take matters into her own hands.


Magioni. Over Magioni, het idee

The first cauliflower pizza

The first cauliflower pizza Manon baked, was a downright disappointment. After making a huge mess of the kitchen, burning her arm, and finding a charred pizza in the oven as and end result, Manon decided that this was not her time to shine. What a mess! Wouldn’t it be way easier to just buy a cauliflower pizza at the nearest supermarket? That would not only save a lot of time, but also save Manon from troublesome adventures in the kitchen.

Restaurant try-outs

From her experience as an entrepreneur, Manon knew that no one would start believing in her cauliflower pizza if she wouldn’t subject it to some serious testing. Therefore, she started testing her pizza’s for a while in an Amsterdam-based restaurant. The days were long and tiring, spending most of her time next to a red-hot oven in mid-summer. Really, no easy feat. At the beginning of the trial period, the customers were unhappy, and not hesitant in sending their pizza’s back to the kitchen. After a while the responses started getting better. Manon kept improving the recipe and continuously analysed the end-results. Ready for the next step..

Magioni. Over Magioni, testen in een restaurant
Over Magioni, op naar de fabriek

Ready for production

To move directly from a homemade recipe to supermarket shelves is next to impossible. First, your product has to meet many different quality standards. By contracting a manufacturer, we have been able to meet these standards, and create products that are ready to conquer the pizza market. Our Magioni pizza crusts were ready for purchase!

Magioni & Albert Heijn

Judgement day. After the last tastings, packaging checks, and presentation run-throughs, it was finally time. The team of Albert Heijn was on our doorstep to taste Magioni pizza’s. And they loved them. “When they said yes to our pizza’s I couldn’t believe it. All the hard work leading up to this moment had payed off. Because our product would soon be on the shelves of one of the biggest supermarket chains in the Netherlands”

Over Magioni. In de Albert Heijn
Over Magioni, Hello Fresh

Magioni & Hello Fresh

Albert Heijn had barely left our office, when we were invited for a pitch meeting at Hello Fresh. Accompanied by our products and optimism, we told them our story, served them our pizza, and found ourselves another enthusiastic business partner! Inspired by the partnership with Hello Fresh, we expanded our assortment with the beet crust pizza, a new product on the Dutch market.

Finally, on the shelves

In April 2016 the moment had finally arrived. Our Magioni pizza’s on the shelves of Albert Heijn supermarkets! And the press loved it. Everyone wanted to write and talk about our cauliflower pizza’s. Our social media channels could barely handle all of the hashtags, and we still cannot believe this is actually happening. We have been able to build up a team, and have expanded our product presence to many other stores. Of course, this is not where the story ends. We will continue to work on our dream to make healthy pizza’s accessible to all!

Over Magioni, In de schappen van Albert Heijn