the healthy cauliflower pizza

As a business caterer, you are always looking for healthy options to add to your menu. When thinking of healthy foods, the first thing that will probably come to mind is a salad. That is exactly what Magioni wants to change. Magioni stands for healthy and tasty pizzas with a high nutritional value. One topped Magioni pizza contains approximately 150 grams of vegetables. We can reach these high nutritional values by largely replacing the flower in our pizza crusts by vegetable fibres. These fibres are the by-product that remains when vegetables are pressed into fresh juices. By using these healthy vegetable fibres which would otherwise be thrown away, we are turning waste into sustainable, raw materials.

Being healthy is not just about what you are eating, but also about taking care of the environment, choosing sustainable raw materials, and respecting fellow human beings. Every day, we are striving to make progression in all of these areas. By making the world a better place one slice at a time, we aim to set an example for other brands in the food industry. By acting together on a common mission, we can together make the difference.