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Pizza values

100 % Tasty

A product can be healthy, socially responsible, vegan, or organic… If it’s not tasty, nobody will want to eat it. Therefore, one of our pizza values is to always pursue 100% tastyness. Magioni pizza’s have to meet a number of requirements. Every pizza must contain sufficient nutritional values and be topped with enough vegetables. However, taste will always have a leading role.


Magioni pizza values. 100% lekker
Magioni, pizza values. Maatschappelijk bewust

Socially aware

Social awareness is a frequently used word in today’s society, whether appropriate or not. Everyone wants to be socially aware and adapt a healthy lifestyle. Let’s be honest though, many of us are dealing with weight issues or obesity. Because Magioni is part of the food industry, we feel a responsibility to stand up and tackle this issue. We believe a change will happen when businesses will commit themselves to producing healthier products, served in the right portions. Magioni is determined to lead this movement of change, to inspire other businesses to do the same. Together we can make the difference.

Local products

Buying locally does not just guarantee fresh products, it’s also environmentally friendly and stimulates local economies. Magioni buys most of its pizza ingredients from Dutch farmers. Our pizza crusts are made from locally grown vegetables, and topped with Dutch goat cheese. Together with our distributors we are working towards a more sustainable food industry in which local food chains are the norm, rather than the exception. .

Magioni pizza values, lokaal
Magioni pizza values, no waste

No waste

Our healthy pizza’s are made from vegetable fibers. These fibres are residue that remains when vegetables are pressed into juices. The fibres are extremly concentrated; to produce 30 grams of fibres, you need 100 grams of vegetables. By producing pizza’s made from vegetable fibres which would otherwise be thrown away, we are turning waste into sustainable, raw materials.

Feeding instead of filling

Eating to feed, instead of eating to fill. We are working daily on increasing the nutritional value of our pizza’s. More fibres? More vegetables? We strive to feed our body’s with healthy products, and not with junk.

Magioni pizza values. Voeden in plaats van vullen