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We have been to able to extend our product availability within no time to many points of sale. Our ultimate goal is to have our products in the shelves of every Albert Heijn in the country, but ofcourse we have to start somewhere and have some patience. The good news is, that if our sales will continue to be strong, and we will be able to keep our customers happy, we will expand to more locations soon. Use the store locator below to find your nearest point of sale!

Find your nearest Albert Heijn supermarket:

      Can’t find your favourite Appie? Please use the article numbers below to order your pizza at your Albert Heijn register. The article will reach the Albert Heijn of your choice within a day.

      Article number Description
      8719324058001 Magioni Crosta: cauliflower pizza crust
      8719324058018 Magioni Crosta: beetroot pizza crust
      8719324058025 Magioni Beef Bastard
      8719324058032 Magioni Veganini