/Our story

No great story ever started with someone eating a salad.

We are Magioni and we bake pizza crusts full of veggies.
And that changes everything!

We believe in a world where you don’t have to choose between playing hard, working hard, sweating in the gym or partying until the early hours. A world where fast food becomes fit food and where pizza is your healthy pleasure. We started with this dream, and we did it!

Fresh pizza bases and toppings with fewer calories, more vegetables and, above all, very tasty! Slice by slice, we want to motivate you to go for a sustainable lifestyle.

We want to challenge the food industry for change. Join us, together we can demand change and increase the impact.

Our mission in 3 steps

1. The facts
Only 15% of the Dutch adults eat their daily recommended amount of vegetables. This percentage is even lower with children. Next to that, we don’t exercise enough. It’s time for a healthier lifestyle and eating healthier food is a good starting point. Another fact: people don’t want healthy food that tastes less good. They want both tasty and nutritious food!

2. Magioni: a better version of the original pizza
Magioni helps people to eat healthier. That’s why Magioni is improving the traditional pizza. We can all agree that the traditional pizza tastes good. But they also have a lot of fat in them and the nutritional value is lower. And that’s such a pity! That’s why Magioni wants to make pizza healthier. And we make sure it tastes as good.

3. The day that everybody eats our veggie pizza
The last step in our mission is that we want the whole world to eat our pizza. A healthy pizza should be available for everybody. We stop until everyone eats our vegetable pizza. And then you’re definitely invited to our pizza party!
What can you do? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Eat our pizza if you want to go for a healthier option. And if you have a new recipe, feel free to share it with us! Find out where we sell our pizzas. The chances are that they sell it at your supermarket around the corner.

How it all started

Magioni came a long way. It feels like yesterday that we started, but that’s already 5 years ago. 5 years! We remember the super-hot pizzeria where Manon developed her first samples. The first super tiny office where a lot of mice kept us company. The pride we felt when we contracted another supermarket. Step by step we came closer to our dream! And that dream is still alive, we want the whole world to eat our healthy pizzas and we want to make impact on the food industry. Because there are still big steps to take there.

We want more… (bases)

When two worlds collide, great things happen. Magioni started with a couple of vegetable bases. We came with cauliflower, red beetroot, pumpkin and courgetti bases. Recipes were shared, new flavours were combined. A true Magioni community arised.


Growing fast

We grow, just like the previous years. We are for sale in more and more stores and we’ve set foot in England. Our Belgium neighbours can enjoy a Magioni pizza as well. But we want more.