Chick’n Pesto

Chick’n Pesto Product

Who left the chick out? We did. Get ready to dig into the one and only Chick’n Pesto. This pizza has a courgette pizza base and is topped with tomato sauce, vegetarian chicken, pesto, courgetti and a mix of cheeses. It’s a pizza full of protein. All on your plate. The Chick’n Pesto contains only 687 calories, is stuffed with vegetables and is 100% vegetarian!

Did you finish your work-out or do you just want to eat pizza? No problem! Shove this pizza in the oven and you have your favorite meal ready in 10 minutes. Tasty ánd healthy. Yes, this is the perfect replacement of the traditional pizza. Let’s be real: it’s really as tasty as a traditional one! Try it yourself. Hungry for pizza? You can find our Chick’n Pesto in the fresh department of your supermarket.


WHEAT flour, 29% courgette, 7.8% tomato, water, pasteurised cow MILK, 3.4% tomato concentrate, vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower, olive), yeast, vegetable protein, herbs and spices, vinegar, salt, rice flour, 0.4% onion, protein from EGGS from free-range chickens, sugar, starch (potato WHEAT), preservatives (E202, E281), thickening agent (E412, E415), modified corn starch, dextrose, food acid (citric acid), yeast extract, lactic acid, natural flavouring, yolk powder from EGGS from free-range chickens, microbial rennet, carrot, extract (black pepper, turmeric), cashew NUT, MILK protein, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), emulsifying salt (E339), flavouring, emulsifier (E341), EGG yolk, maltodextrin, SOY protein hydrolysate, natural rosemary extract.


Nutrional values Per 100 gr. Per pizza
Energy 839 kJ (201 kcal) 2869 kJ (687 kcal)
Fats 5,4g 18,5g
Fats of which saturates 1,5g 5,1g
Proteins 8,1g 28g
Carbs 29g 98g
Carbs of which sugars 2,4g 8,1g
Viber 2,2g 7,5g
Salt 0,91g 3,11g