Margherita Master

Margherita Master Product

A classic Margherita but then with even more toppings and more taste. If we say so ourselves. This pizza has a base with red bell pepper and is topped with an authentic tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, delicious pomodori tomatoes and various cheeses. It’s finger licking good.

The Margherita Master has conquered a lot of hearts already, so this one had to stay in our assortment. With only 647 calories and it’s colorful looks, it’s a favorite member within the Magioni family. Speaking about families, this pizza is also a favorite of kids! This healthy meal will be on your dinner table in 12 minutes. And nobody will even taste there are that many vegetables in this pizza! We promise you. Also a fan? Or just very curious now? You can find our Margherita Master in the fresh department of your supermarket.


19% red pepper, 19% whole grain WHEAT flour, 14% tomato, WHEAT flour, pasteurised cow MILK, 8.2% oven dried tomato, water, 3.4% tomato concentrate, yeast, vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower), herbs and spices, vinegar, salt, 0.5% smoked paprika, rice flour, 0.3% onion, potato starch, sugar, potassium salt, preservatives (E281, E202, E251), modified corn starch, thickening agent (E415), lactic acid, microbial rennet, food acid (citric acid), colourant (E160b).


Nutrional values Per 100 gr. Per pizza
Energy 776 kJ (186 kcal) 2705 kJ (647 kcal)
Fats 5,3g 18,5g
Fats of which saturates 2,1g 7,2g
Proteins 7,9g 27,6g
Carbs 25g 86g
Carbs of which sugars 3,4g 9,4g
Viber 3,4g 12g
Salt 0,71g 2,46g
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