Red bell pepper pizza base

Red bell pepper pizza base Product

Our newest addition! This pizza crust has a subtle red bell pepper taste and is partly made with wholegrain. With 32% vegetables, this is the perfect base for a classic Margherita or an exciting Mexican pizza recipe. You choose! Do you want to keep the base a bit longer? Put the pizza in your freezer. It can stay there up to one month.

At the moment our red bell pepper pizza crust is only available at Picnic and Delhaize.


Red bell pepper (32%), wholegrain WHEAT flour (32%), WHEAT flour (22%), yeast, water, vinegar, rapeseed oil, rice flour, smoked paprika, sunflower oil, salt, garlic powder, potassium salt, preservative (E281).


Nutrional values Per 100 gr. Per pizza
Energy 885 kJ (212 kcal) 1682 kJ (403 kcal)
Fats 2,5g 4,8g
Fats of which saturates 0,34g 0,65g
Proteins 7g 13g
Carbs 38g 72g
Carbs of which sugars 2,4g 4,6g
Viber 4,5g 8,6g
Salt 0,38g 0,72g
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