Pumpkin Kids Pizza Crust

Pumpkin Kids Pizza Crust Product

The kids pizza crust has a unique shape of a cat or dog. Fill this pizza base with your favourite ingredients and create your own animal pizza. Guaranteed fun for the whole family! What will you make the eyes, nose and mouth of? Full of vegetables, nutritious and really tasty.

Magioni’s pizza crusts are full of hidden vegetables, are fresh and can be found in the refrigerated section at Albert Heijn.



Flour, 32% pumpkin (pumpkin, water, pumpkin powder) yeast, rapeseed oil, buffered vinegar (preservative), rice flour, water, salt, sunflower oil, preservative (E281)


Nutrional values Per 100 gr. Per pizza
Energy 987 1875,3
Fats 3,7g 7,03g
Fats of which saturates 0,43g 0,78g
Proteins 7,2g 12,7g
Carbs 43g 81,7g
Carbs of which sugars 2,3g 4,75g
Viber 2,4g 4,37g
Salt 0,67g 1,27g

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