No great story ever started with someone eating a salad, just as our story didn’t start like that. We are Magioni and we bake healthy pizzas. And that changes everything! We believe in a world where you don’t have to choose between work hard or play hard, hitting the gym or party till dawn. A world where fast-food becomes fit-food and pizza your favorite vegetable. A world where you eat pizza on Mondays!


Pizza on a Monday, just do it!
Whether you have a pizza date, sit on the couch with your cat or organize a dinner with friends and family, pizza is always a good idea. Also on a Monday! Like a rebel, a healthy rebel. Because that’s how we see ourselves and you… We are determined that one day, our pizzas will be the standard for everybody.


The facts
Did you know that only 15% of the adults eat their daily needed vegetables? The percentage is even lower among children. Next to that we don’t exercise enough. We think it’s time for a change! But let’s face it, if you eat healthier you want the same good taste! We completely understand.


Same flavour, healthier benefits!
And so we changed the traditional pizza. We know the traditional pizza is good, but we also know it has a lot of calories, fat and lower nutritional values. And that’s such a pity! So we combined the pleasures of the traditional pizza with the healthy benefits of vegetables. And we know for sure that it doesn’t break down the traditional flavour.


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