What if pizza could be your favorite vegetable?

Did you know that only 3% of children and 5% of adults consume the daily recommended amount of vegetables? It’s impossible! Pizza is pretty much in the no go area. Lots of fat, little vegetables and is often associated with laziness. By simply giving the pizza a makeover and giving it a healthier touch we want to make a statement to the food industry. If you can do it with pizza, then you can do it with other products as well. Together with the Magioni fans, we tell our story. Determined to make an impact. Together, we will make a new standard for the current and next generation. Where vegetables are the standard, and the supermarket promotes healthier products.

We think everybody has to make the most of their life every day. A lifestyle in which you don’t have to choose between body or mind, work or private, sports or party until the next morning. We stand for a new generation that goes for both. That’s why we make pizzas that fits this perfectly. This motivates everyone who chooses a healthier lifestyle without concessions. We’re determined that one day our vegetable pizza will become the new standard. For everyone.

Our mission:

Creating exceptional pizza’s for an outstanding lifestyle.

Veggies per pizza crust0%
Less calories0%
Less carbs0%

How can you handle food more consciously?

We are not the nutrition centre, but because we handle food every day, we know a lot.

We have a few tips so you can handle food more consciously:

pizza recepten 1 Look in proportion
Try to always include 50% vegetables, 25% meat (meat alternatives) and 25% protein in your meal.


 Choose wisely
By simply swapping your standard pizza base for a Magioni pizza (really?!)


 Eat less meat
Start Meatless Monday, choose a day where you replace meat with vegetables as the main factor in your meal.

 Buy in season
Work with seasonal products


 EH diet
Eat half. We Dutchies often love big plates of food and often go for seconds. We are not saying that you shouldn’t, but sometimes it’s better if you only eat half of something. Just saying.