Our beetroot pizza is a favourite since the beginning at Magioni. This base consists of about 70 grams of beetroot and has no added sugars or salt. Due to its red colour, it seems ‘mega culinary, but the taste is subtly sweet’. This allows you to top the beetroot pizza with almost all the ingredients you can imagine.


Did you know that we only use Dutch beetroot fibres for this pizza base? These are the fibres you are left with after squeezing the fresh beetroot juice. Normally this is just thrown away,  such as waste, as these fibres are really good for your intestines. Because of the typical Dutch weather it can sometimes happen that the beetroot is more moist. As a result, one beetroot pizza base is sometimes slightly moister than the other. We recommend that you then bake it for longer.

This colourful pizza base is a real charmer in the looks department! For example, top the pizza with dairy spread, red onion and salmon shreds. Super easy and surprisingly delicious! Are you not so creative in the kitchen or are you looking for inspiration? We have written a few recipes for you. Not too difficult, but very tasty. We also recommend: the Veganini! We have already topped this beet pizza with our spicy goat cheese sauce, mushrooms and red onion. Sounds good right? You’ll find it in the fresh department in the supermarket.


You can only order the beetroot pizza bases from the Body & Fit shop.



Tip: Because of its sweet taste the beetroot pizza is also a hit as a breakfast pizza. Delicious with yogurt & fresh fruit!


WHEAT, wa­ter, 15% beetroot fibre (beetroot, an­ti­oxi­dant (E300)), 8% beet juice (beet juice, acid regulator (lemon juice concentrate), an­ti­oxi­dant (E300), yeast, rice flour, oil, salt, sunflower oil, preservatives (E281)


Values apply to an unprepared beetroot pizza base


Per 100 gramsPer pizza
Energy909 kJ (218 kcal)1636 kJ (392 kcal)
Of which are saturated0,26g0,5g
Of which are sugars3,9g7g
Nutrient fibre2,4g4,3g
Grams of vegetables36g65g



  • Wheat



Can include traces of:

  • celery and celery based products
  • lu­pi­ne and lu­pi­ne bases products
  • milk and milk based products (including lactose)
  • mustard and mustard based products
  • soya and soya based products
  • sesame seeds and sesame seed based products