The courgette pizza really is a favourite here at the office. This special base is our first official season special! This pizza hit the shelves with the idea of introducing a new taste every six months. It soon became clear that this pizza is here to stay. Courgette is a vegetable that can always be found in the fridge in many Dutch households, and ‘courgetti’ is now a well-known substitute for pasta. So not a season specific. This courgette pizza is here to stay! Truth be told, we can’t seem to say goodbye ourselves. The pizza has a light base and a neutral taste. With your eyes shut you don’t notice any difference with a standard pizza base. You can’t even taste that there is about 70 grams of courgette in it!


For the easy cookers among us we also created a topped courgette pizza; the Crazy Curry! The Crazy Curry is a ready-made fresh pizza topped with a curry masala sauce, extra chicken, grilled courgette and spicy cheese. Extremely tasty in combo with that cheeky drink!

The courgette pizza base can be topped with all your favourite toppings. Think of a traditional salami pizza with grilled vegetables and spicy tomato sauce, or what about a tzatziki sauce and grilled chicken? Does this sound a bit too culinary? We have so many different courgette pizza recipes. There is sure to be something that tickles your fancy.


You can find out courgette pizza bases in the fresh department in the supermarket, they have a short expiration date. Check out one of our retailers in your area. Would you like to eat it at a later date? You can freeze the pizza bases, they will then have an expiration date of one month.


WHEAT flour, courgette (35%), water, yeast, rapeseed oil, rice flower, salt, sunflower oil, preservatives (E281)


Values apply to an unprepared courgette pizza base.


Per 100 gramsPer pizza
Energy997 kJ (239 kcal)1795 kJ (430 kcal)
Of which are saturated0,3g0,5g
Of which are sugars2,1g3,8g
Nutrient fibre3g5,4g
Grams of vegetables35g63g


Values apply to an unprepared courgette pizza base.


Per pizza
(180 grams)
Energy1795 kJ (430 kcal)
Of which are saturated0,5g
Of which are sugars3,8g
Nutrient fibre5,4g
Grams of vegetables63g



  • WHEATflour



Can include traces of:

  • celery and celery based products
  • lu­pi­ne and lu­pi­ne bases products
  • milk and milk based products (including lactose)
  • mustard and mustard based products
  • soya and soya based products
  • sesame seeds and sesame seed based products