Vegan or vegetarian, this is the question that keeps people busy lately. Plant food has never been so sexy! That’s why we made it easy with our special vegetarian pizza; the Oh so Funghi! Are you crazy about vegetables? That’s good, because otherwise the Oh so Funghi can be a big pill to swallow. As you may already know, the Oh so Funghi is bright purple and contains 173 grams of vegetables. Evenly outgoing visually as well as taste, this pizza is for the real goat cheese lover. We covered our beetroot base with our own spicy sauce made from goat cheese topped with chestnut mushrooms, red onion and surprise surprise, more goat’s cheese!

The Oh so Funghi is perfect for such an evening when you eat alone or just don’t know what you want to eat, but still want to put something healthy on the table. It only takes 12 minutes in the oven, and forget about washing dishes, because it’s even better if you eat it with your hands.


This vegetarian pizza likes a bit of attention. Give it a stage that it deserves and share it on Instagram using #Magionipizza.


You can find the Oh so Funghi in the fresh department in the supermarket, it has a short expiration date. Ready for the Oh so Funghi? Look for our retailers in your area.


Pizza base (wheat flour, beetroot 35%, yeast, rapeseed oil, rice flour, salt, sunflower oil, preservative: E281), grilled mushroom (mushroom, rapeseed oil) goat cheese sauce 12% (cheese spread (goat milk, water corn starch, melting salts: E399, E452, salt) crème fraiche, green chili peppers, modified corn starch, preservative: E202)goat cheese 9%, red onion, spring onion.


Values apply to an unprepared Oh so Funghi pizza.



Per 100 gramsPer pizza
(346 grams)
Energy812 kJ (193 kcal)2810 kJ (668 kcal)
Of which are saturated3,6g12g
Of which are sugars2,6g9g
Nutritional fibre1,4g4,8g
Grams of vegetables50g173g 


Values apply to an unprepared Oh so Funghi pizza.



Per pizza
(346 grams)
Energy2810 kJ (668 kcal)
Of which are saturated12g
Of which are sugars9g
Nutritional fibre4,8g
Grams of vegetables173g 




  • Wheat
  • Milk


Our pizzas are made in a company where nuts and peanuts are processed.


Can include traces of:

  • celery and celery based products
  • lu­pi­ne and lu­pi­ne bases products
  • mustard and mustard based products
  • soya and soya based products
  • sesame seeds and sesame seed based products