The pumpkin pizza is the latest addition to our range. With only 36 kcal per 100 grams, an amazing colour and a slightly sweet taste, pumpkin was the perfect vegetable for our new season special. We are used to pumpkin being a typical winter food, but today you can buy this fruit almost all year long. We realise that pumpkin is now being used in almost every dish. From appetizer to dessert. Because we are not yet ready to exchange our chocolate bar after our meal for a piece of pumpkin, we have included it in our pizza bases.


Due to the subtle flavour of the pumpkin, it is great to combine with almost any topping imaginable. Our new favourite is herb cheese, but hummus is an absolute recommendation also. Another vegetarian option is to top the pumpkin base with a goats cheese sauce. Pumpkin and goat cheese always complement each other!

Tip: Pumpkin pizza + vegan topping = heaven. We have made special vegan recipes for the pumpkin pizza. Absolutely worth a try!


Note: you can’t buy our pumpkin pizza anymore.



Wheat, 34.9% pumpkin, yeast, rapeseed oil, rice flower, salt, sunflower oil, preservatives (E281)


Values apply to an unprepared pumpkin pizza base.



Per 100 grams Per crust
Energy940 kJ/ (225 kcal) 1692 kJ/ (459kcal)
Fat2,4g 4,3g
Of which are saturated0,3g 0,5g
Carbs42,6g 76,7g
Of which are sugars2,2g 4g
Nutritional fibre2,2g 4g
Proteins7,2g 13g
Salt0,7g 1,3g
Grams of vegetables35g 63g


Values apply to an unprepared pumpkin pizza base.



 Per crust
Energy 1692 kJ/ (459kcal)
Fat 4,3g
Of which are saturated 0,5g
Carbs 76,7g
Of which are sugars 4g
Nutritional fibre 4g
Proteins 13g
Salt 1,3g
Grams of vegetables 63g



  • Wheat


Can include traces of:

  • celery and celery based products
  • lu­pi­ne and lu­pi­ne bases products
  • milk and milk based products (including lactose)
  • mustard and mustard based products
  • soya and soya based products
  • sesame seeds and sesame seed based products