The cauliflower pizza is a winner. Full of vegetables, nutritious and really tasty. Top this pizza base with your favorite ingredients and you have a restaurant-worthy pizza for the customer in no time.

The Magioni pizza bases are full of vegetables, are frozen, packed per 8 in an outer box and can now be purchased from various Dutch and Belgian wholesalers.

Cauliflower pizza base
– Vegan pizza base
– Bevat 37% cauliflower
– Source of protein

Where to buy

For questions about our product, receiving samples, or help with thinking about recipe inspiration, you can contact; office@magioni.com or call 06-17204765.

View the article numbers of Magioni products at wholesalers below:

See below the article numbers of Magioni products at wholesalers:

Article Number

Foodservice assortiment

Cauliflower crust Bodem

Contains 37% cauliflower

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