Want to know more about our veggie-based alternatives? We get it! Below you will find a list of all frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to send us an email.

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How are Magioni pizza crusts made?

Magioni’s pizza crusts are made with real vegetables. The vegetables are first blanched to preserve as many vitamins as possible. After this, the vegetables are crushed into a puree and added during dough preparation. In this way, the vegetable puree replaces as much as 45% of ordinary wheat flour. Adding raw vegetables to pizza bases is not technically possible, and also not tasty.

Where can I buy a Magioni?

You can buy our products at a lot of supermarkets like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Picnic, Delhaize, Edeka and Waitrose. You can find a supermarket nearby here. Do keep in mind that some supermarkets don’t sell Magioni pizzas. We have no influence on this (unfortunately).

Is a Magioni pizza crust healthy?

You can’t label a stand-alone product as healthy or unhealthy, a product is part of a daily diet. We don’t claim to be a health brand, but offer a better alternative. Our pizza crusts are a source of protein and various vitamins and the cauliflower crust is a souce of fibers, by adding vegetables.  In addition, they contain fewer carbs and somewhat fewer calories than regular pizza bases made of wheat flour. Besides that they are damn TASTY!

How much does a Magioni pizza cost?

Check the price of our products at your supermarket.

Why do you make pizza crusts with vegetables?

Our mission is to motivate and inspire people to choose a more nutritious and sustainable lifestyle that is fun and delicious. We do this by developing alternatives that do not compromise on taste. By adding vegetable puree to pizza crusts, we not only make very tasty, pizza crusts, but also pizza crusts that are a better alternative to traditional pizza bases.

Is a Magioni pizza gluten free?

The very first Magioni pizza was made of 100% cauliflower. This was not edible, we’re honest about that. After a lot of tests we came to the conclusion that 45% vegetables is the right amount. Unfortunately the wheat flower is not gluten free. Our mission is to make tasty pizzas and for now we can’t produce gluten free pizzas on a large scale.

Can I put a Magioni pizza in the freezer?

Yes, for sure! You can put our pizza bases in the freezer, but we don’t believe you don’t eat them right away

How much vegetables do I eat if I eat a Magioni pizza?

We try to add as many vegetables to our pizzas as possible. As long as it tastes good of course. A Magioni pizza base contains about 45% vegetables.

What is the expiry date of a Magioni pizza?

You can find our pizzas in the fresh section of the supermarket. This means fresh, but not edible forever. You can store the base for about 10 days. If you keep it well refrigerated, of course. Our pizza bases also keep for a month in the freezer, but we’re pretty sure it’ll run out in a day.

What do I have to do if I want to eat a Magioni pizza, but I’m on a low carb diet?

Because our pizza contains a lot of vegetables, it contains automatically less carbs, but that doesn’t mean our pizzas are suitable for a low carb diet. What you can do, is take half a pizza and a salad so you can enjoy the pizza, but you don’t have to worry about the carbs.

What are the allergens in a Magioni pizza?

For an overview of allergens, please look at the product pages of our pizzas. If you have a more specific question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I prepare a Magioni pizza if I’m on a budget?

If you’re low on cash you can still eat a Magioni pizza! Buy our cauliflower base, a can of tomato puree, tomatoes and mozzarella. Put some Italian herbs in the puree et voila! You have your own budget pizza for less than three euros per person. And you eat over 150 grams of veggies. It’s a win-win.

Can I prepare a Magioni pizza on the BBQ?

Yes, sure! Use a special pizza stone and bake the pizza according the instructions.

Can I write a product review about Magioni?

Lots of people want to try the Magioni pizza. And we say: go for it! It’s possible that you see a Magioni pizza on a channel of a blogger/vlogger. Please know that this is mostly done on initiative of the blogger/vlogger. We don’t send a lot of pizzas from our head office, we’re not a post office :). If you have a good reason or great idea to promote our pizza, let us know.

Is Magioni sold in other countries?

Our goal is that everybody can eat our pizzas. And we’re working on that. Magioni pizzas are, at the moment, for sale in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England. We have a full coverage in The Netherlands. You can find us at a lot of supermarkets like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Delhaize and Waitrose. If you don’t live in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or England, please be patient!

What is the perfect cheese for a pizza?

We’ve tried so many cheeses for our pizzas. Our conclusion is: he has to melt, but he also has to maintain the flavour. Our favourite is Roya Hollandia cheese. This cheese is for sale at Meledi Wholesale.

How do I sell my own products in the supermarket?

People ask us this question a lot. How we started: make a few samples for friends and family. Improve where needed and produce a bit more, be sure to have a BRC certification. We went to Albert Heijn ourselves and that went pretty good. If it doesn’t work right away, don’t give up. There are several paths you can take, Good luck!

Do you really eat pizza all day long?

We eat a lot of pizzas. But we also like to eat salads, soups and wraps for our lunches.

How do you pronounce Magioni?

Maggi-joni is how the Dutchies normally pronounce it. But if we say this in our HQ, we will be thrown in the water. The right pronunciation is Madjonieh. The easiest thing would be, if you pretend to be Italian who’s hungry for pizza. It helps!

What remains of the vegetables?

The vegetables are blanched to preserve as many vitamins as possible. And then the vegetables are pureed. So the whole vegetables are used to make puree. Then 45% of the wheat flour in dough preparation is replaced with 42% vegetable puree and 3% vegetable powder. We add the powder so the pizza crusts are less moist and won’t stick together.

Does a Magioni pizza crust replace your daily veggies?

A Magioni pizza crust is not a substitute for a serving of vegetables. The vegetable puree in the crusts replaces white wheat flour. We are well aware that vegetable puree in a pizza crust is different from eating a zucchini or portion of cauliflower, for example. Top a Magioni pizza with tasty vegetables to meet your daily veggies.

Isn't it deceptive to claim that there are so many vegetables in a Magioni pizza crust?

We offer a tasty and healthier alternative to the traditional pizza crust made of wheat flour. To do this, we use real vegetables, which we blanch briefly and add to the dough as a puree. As a result, our pizza crusts are a source of protein and various vitamins, and the cauliflower base is a source of fiber. So we don’t claim that you should think of our pizza bases as a serving of vegetables: we offer with our pizza crusts a tasty and healthier alternative to traditional pizza crusts.

What vitamins are in Magioni pizza bases?

Because each Magioni pizza base is made with a different type of vegetable, each contains different vitamins.

The zucchini base is rich in vitamin B2 (47% of RI) and a source of folic acid (17% of RI).
The cauliflower base is rich in vitamin K1 (40% of RI) and a source of folic acid (23% of RI).
The bell bell pepper base is a source of vitamin E (22% of RI) and folic acid ( 26% of RI).