“Does a Magioni cauliflower pizza really taste like cauliflower?”

We understand that the idea of a cauliflower pizza base sounds a bit odd. Vegetables in general on or in your pizza is a no go for many. It’s just a bit of getting used to if your favourite guilty pleasure suddenly becomes a healthy pleasure. That was the case with us too. But no worries, our cauliflower pizza base just tastes the same as the trusted pizza base you know. We only made sure that you can eat pizza more often, because now your fave dish contains a lot of vegetables. If you don’t believe us, you really have to try it out.


We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. Don’t see a question you would like to know the answer to here? Let us know! We are sure we can answer it!

Hey! Where can I buy Magioni?

You can buy our vegetable pizzas at Albert Heijn, Jumbo and the PLUS. Quickly find a retailer here where you can see where you can score a Magioni pizza. Unfortunately, this information isn’t set in stone. It could be that the supermarket dealer decides not to sell Magioni anymore. Regrettably, there is nothing we can do about it, and we are often not informed. But believe us; we are just as disappointed as you!

You can order our pizzas bases online at Body & Fit.

How much does a Magioni pizza cost?

Our pizza bases are 3.29 euro for 2, and our topped pizzas are 5.49 euro each.

Is a Magioni pizza gluten free?

The very first Magioni pizza consisted 100% of cauliflower. We can tell you; that wasn’t a success. This resulted in a lot of disappointment among pizza eaters. After a lot of tests, the current vegetable pizza base consist of 40% vegetables. Of course, that is a lot compared to standard pizza bases, but still, by using wheat, it is not yet gluten-free. Our aim is to make the best pizzas. We have not found a delicious gluten free recipe that is easy to produce as of yet.

What is the difference between a Magioni pizza and a standard pizza?

In our Magioni pizzas, on average, we have 30% less calories, 20% less carbohydrates, and 70% less fat than the “naming no names pizza bases”. In addition, our pizza bases contain at least 65 grams of vegetables. For a pizza we use as a rule of thumb at least 150 grams of vegetables, 50% less fat and at least 30% less kcal. Please don’t hesitate to count the number of calories of a product. The nutritional values are equally important! Curious? We have already calculated the difference in nutritional values of a Magioni pizza base, a pizza with topping and a standard pizza.

Can I freeze a Magioni Pizza?

Absolutely! Useful when it’s time to start stocking up. Don’t forget to defrost the pizza base before prepping and baking. The topped pizzas, if there isn’t another option, can be frozen, but fresh is of course a lot more delicious!

How many vegetables am I actually eating if I eat a Magioni pizza?

We try to add as many vegetables as possible to our pizzas. And we’re succeeding rather well. In a Magioni pizza base there are around 70 grams of vegetables. If you eat Magioni pizza, it’s around 140 grams of vegetables. So, who’s going to say that you don’t eat enough vegetables?!

Why do you use wheat flour instead of whole grain flour?

Adjusting the type of flour in a pizza seems so easy. But in practice, this means we have to shut down the entire bakery, just get 300 kilos of flour from a big silo and have our own flour in it. The amount of vegetables also works different with whole grain flour. We have tested the use of whole grain flour in our pizza bases. But without success. The pizza was as dry as a piece of cardboard. Look, it can be our pizza baking skills, but we haven’t fully nailed it yet. We just don’t find the whole-grain pizza as edible.

How long before a Magioni pizza actually expires?

Our pizzas can be found in the supermarket fresh department. The bases can be stored for about 10 days and the topped pizzas for about 5 days, if cooled of course. From experience we know that the pizza is likely to be eaten within a day.

What should I do if I want to eat a Magioni, but I follow a low-carb diet?

The number of carbohydrates in our pizzas have already been reduced by the amount of vegetables, but the pizzas are not yet entirely low-carb. Don’t worry though! Make half a pizza and have a salad on the side. That saves you a lot of carbohydrates and you can freeze the other half for the next time.

Which allergens does a Magioni pizza contain?

For allergens and nutritional values, take a look at the product pages of our pizzas. Here you will find all the information you need. If you have a more specific question about the content of one of our pizzas, please feel free to contact us.

What does Magioni mean?

Magioni comes from the Italian word Mangare, which means food. Manon’s, the founder of Magioni, last name is van Essen (from food). That’s why!

Can I bake a Magioni pizza on the BBQ?

You sure can, use a special pizza stone grill and bake the pizza base according to the preparation instructions on the packaging.

Can I write a product review about Magioni?

Many people would like to try out Magioni. This is therefore a frequently asked question on social media. Many pizzas that you see pass by on for example Instagram, were posted on the blogger/vlogger’s own initiative. Every now and then we send a sample, but not often. If we do, our office will become a post office in no time. And, well we’re not that expensive right? Do you think, you have a lot to offer us? Send us a message and we will look at the possibilities.

I have a business interest in Magioni, where do I go for more information?

Sounds good to us! Contact us and we will gladly take you through the possibilities. If you want some more information about our products, please visit our product page.

Is Magioni available in other countries?

We would love it if eventually everyone ate healthier pizza bases. At the moment you can find Magioni in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our pizzas are located in a number of Albert Heijn branches and you can order the bases in Belgium online at the Body & Fit shop. They make sure you get the pizza delivered at home. If you don’t live in the Netherlands or Belgium, watch this space, the future is bright, and we are busy making big plans!

Hey! When will there be new pizza flavours?

Every six months we introduce a new season special. A pizza that is only available in your supermarket for six months. We don’t do this to bug you, but there are so many different types of vegetables to discover and to create new pizza flavours. Do you have an idea for a new pizza flavour, just send us a message! We like to hear your ideas about pizza flavours and hey, who knows maybe your pizza will be available in the shops next time!

What is the perfect pizza cheese?

It’s hard sometimes to find the right cheese for your pizza. The cheese must melt perfectly, but also maintain its taste. We have found the perfect pizza cheese for you, it’s Royal Hollandia. This cheese is for sale at, among others, Meledi wholesalers for business customers.

How do I get my product on the market?

Of course it all starts with a good idea. Make a few samples of your product and sell it to a number of people to get the perfect recipe. Then you need to find a producer (or produce yourself) with a BRC certification. That’s what you need to get your product on the market. We approached Albert Heijn directly, but Albert Heijn has something new, you can join Albert Heijn with their product pitch. Here you can win 250,000 euros and more importantly, a place on the shelves of Albert Heijn! If this doesn’t work out, don’t give up yet. Many supermarkets are always open for good ideas. Persevere. Good luck!

At which wholesalers can I buy Magioni?

Our pizza bases are available at; Sligro, Hocras, Bidfood and VHC Jongens.

Do you eat pizza all day every day?

We do eat a lot of pizza, but at the office lunches are consist of salads, wraps, soups and you can fill in what we eat on a Friday afternoon when we got out for a few drinks.

How do you pronounce Magioni?

Maggi-joni is the most commonly used way to say it. But if you say that this way in the office, you will be thrown in the canal, so we use our best fake Italian accent which then turns into ‘’Madjonieh’’.