your favourite vegetable.

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No great story ever started
with someone eating a salad.

We are Magioni and we create guilt-free pizza.
And that changes everything!

We believe in a world, where you don’t have to choose between; work hard or play hard, hitting the gym or party till dawn. A world where fast-food can become fit-food. And pizza is your next healthy pleasure. We started this dream small, but we have pretty big ambitions. Damn good pizza with; Less calories, maximum nutritional value, minimal impact on people and our planet, only vegetarian ingredients and most of all; damn tasty! Slice by slice we motivate our healthy rebels for a more sustainable living and lifestyle. We create wholesome rules to challenge the current food system. Join us, together we can demand change and increase the impact.

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What if pizza could be your favourite vegetable? Magioni creates pizzas for the next generation that doesn’t want to choose between healthy or tasty food. There’s over 32% vegetables in the pizzas and you don’t even taste it! This means you can really enjoy guilt-free food.

/Pizza recipes

Pizza time! Do you have a pizza date or are you alone on the couch with your cat? Maybe you’re throwing a dinner party. Pizza is always  a good idea. Especially if you go for healthy and comfortable food. Magioni has a few delicious recipes for you. The recipes are easy and you can have your pizza ready in 15 minutes!

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