Just like any good story, mine also started in the pub. Fantasising about the ideal world in which pizza is just as nutritious as a salad. The beginning of a dream. Creating a pizza brand for anyone who wants to enjoy life carefree just as I do. That is how Magioni come into existence.


After a dismal summer in a pizzeria and a lot of unsuccessful vegetable pizzas, I discovered the ultimate recipe. Where first my ambitions were larger than the number of pizzas, the numbers now grow in synchrony with my dreams. “I” became “we” and pizza by pizza our young team encourages you to reach your own pizza peak. Whatever your dream may be; never underestimate the power of friends and an unforgettable evening in the pub.



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About Magioni

We make pizzas like you’re used to, but then a lot healthier! The first Magioni pizza was made of 100% cauliflower. This was not successful. It wasn’t tasty enough. After a few failed pizzas we found out that the perfect recipe consisted of less flour and more vegetables compared to a standard pizza base.


Meanwhile, we have built quite a range of different Magioni pizza bases and pizzas with toppings. From cauliflower to pumpkin. We are extremely proud of this! We add as many vegetables as possible to our pizza bases. This ensures that the bases are healthier than the standard pizza bases.


Do you want to know more about our pizza adventure?

Our vision

We think everybody has to make the most of their life every day. A lifestyle in which you don’t have to choose between body or mind, work or private, sports or party until the next morning. We stand for a new generation that goes for both.

That’s why we make pizzas that fits this perfectly. This motivates everyone who chooses a healthier lifestyle without concessions. We’re determined that one day our vegetable pizza will become the new standard. For everyone. Are u in?


We have different types of pizza bases, but also pizzas with toppings in our assortment. All just as healthy as the * naming no names * frozen pizzas. A Magioni pizza base consists of about 70 grams of vegetables. Don’t worry though, you almost don’t taste it! The bases are available in two’s and you top it however you please.


The pizza base flavours we have are cauliflower, beetroot, courgette and pumpkin. In addition, we have four pizzas with toppings, the Beef Bastard, the Veganini, Sportciale and the Spicy Pumpkin. This is for when you are not in the mood to cook, but you want to put a healthy meal on the table. Same benefits, but ready in a jiffy! You will find our pizzas in the fresh department in the supermarket.

Pizza recipes

We make our pizza recipes pretty basic and with healthier ingredients than you are usually used to. Commonly known recipes like the salami pizza we like reinvent it and offer it in a much healthier way. In addition, we always let you decide whether or not you want to throw extra cheese on your pizza. We provide a healthy starting point, but add which ever ingredients you wish to make it your own!


Did you make a pizza? Share your pizza party with us on Social media #Magionipizza, we love to see your creations, and who knows, your pizza might just end up on our social “Wall of fame”!