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The Magioni pizza bases and topped pizzas are there for you. Every day. With a minimum of 32% vegetables you get a big part of your daily recommended amount of vegetables! In some of the bases there are over 90 grams of vegetables. The topped pizzas have a lot of veggies on top as well and that means you can truly enjoy guilt-free food.

If you take a bite of our pizza we can guarantee that it doesn’t taste the same as eating vegetables like your mother asked you to do when you were younger. It’s definitely not the same as broccoli gone cold. You can decide to take a pizza base that you can top yourself. If you want to go the easy way, take a topped pizza. Our pizzas are a part of a healthier lifestyle.

A drink with friends, a healthy meal after a work-out or a snack after a night out. Whatever the reason is, a Magioni pizza is always a good idea. Also if you’re alone on the couch. In that case, not sharing is caring.

We are (a bit) proud. Because we have new flavours and varieties that make everything better. Yourself, and the world around you.