/Our Mission

We live in a world that is constantly “on,” where the days are too short and we want to enjoy ourselves but also take good care of ourselves.

Where choices must be made every day and keeping balance is a challenge.

A world where we want to eat healthier, but not less delicious.

We at Magioni don’t believe in OR OR, it’s not about making concessions, it’s about finding the right balance in life. Where a life full of energy and not making it so hard on yourself go hand in hand. That’s why we believe in AND AND.

We make healthier easier with a better alternative, without compromising on taste!

Magioni stands for uninhibited enjoyment


Aim for the best quality

Finding the right recipe was still quite a challenge. Making Veggie-based products that are healthier but also damn tasty, because we at Magioni are foodies and don't compromise on taste.



We at Magioni have great ambitions to conquer the world. We are constantly developing and testing new products. For example, there are now 3 varieties of vegetable pizza bases, with which you can vary endlessly. We also continue to optimize within our current assortment. We are proud to have added extra vegetables to our recipes, all without using any ingredients.

2017 - 2019

Damn tasty, even healthier

The word is out! All our pizza bases now contain 45% vegetables. In addition, they contain 29% less salt and the packaging is 100% recyclable. And we are quite proud of that.