/Our Mission

44% of the world’s population has overweight and nearly the half of the population don’t eat enough vegetables.

We are challenging the food industry for change!

We make healthier food alternatives of your favorite comfort foods that are really delicious.

We will introduce you to a better alternative, without compromising on taste!

We want to be the tastiest and most nutritious brand contributing to a healthier (veggie) world.

& remember… if cauliflower can become pizza, everything is possible…

The veggie revolution

Aim for the best quality

Finding the right recipe was still quite a challenge. Making Veggie-based products that are healthier but also damn tasty, because we at Magioni are foodies and don't compromise on taste.



Magioni has big ambitions to conquer the (veggie) world. We are constantly developing and testing new products to offer you even more delicious veggie-based alternatives. We currently have 3 flavors of pizza crusts, with which you can vary endlessly. Want to join a pizza party? You can find our stunning food truck at mutiple festivals!

2017 - 2019

Damn tasty, even healthier

The word is out! All our pizza bases now contain 45% vegetables. In addition, they contain 29% less salt and the packaging is 100% recyclable. And we are quite proud of that.