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Are Magioni pizzas gluten-free?

At the beginning of our adventure, we aspired to create a 100% gluten-free pizza crust consisting of vegetables only. Unfortunately, customers did not respond well to this product, which prompted us to come up with a new recipe. After a long testing phase, we developed a pizza crust consisting of 40% vegetables, vegetable juice and flower. We are still exploring the possibility to produce a gluten-free variant.

I am interested in using Magioni products for commercial purposes. Is this possible?

YES! Of course! We gladly pay you a visit to inform you about all the possibilities in person. Please navigate to our business page for more information.

Vegetables aplenty. But exactly how many are there on a Magioni pizza?

We’ll tell you! A Magioni pizza crust contains 70 grams of vegetables. Our topped pizzas have no less than 140 grams of vegetables.

What's the difference between a Magioni pizza and a regular pizza?

First of all, Magioni pizza crusts are for the most part made from vegetables. Nutritional values differ per product, but on average, our pizza (crusts) contain 30% less carbs, 30% less fat and 30% less calories than regular pizzas.

I am cutting down on carbs, but would love to eat Magioni pizza. What are my options?

Sharing is caring. Why not offer one half to a friend and have some veggies on the side? Or have just one half, and save the other in your freezer.

Is it possible to freeze a Magioni pizza?

YES! Just make sure to defrost before heating.

What is the expiry date of a Magioni pizza?

If stored according to instructions, the shelf life of our pizza crusts is 10 days. For our topped pizzas, it’s 6 days.

I live in Belgium. Is it possible to buy Magioni?

No worries! We are selling our pizza’s in some Belgium Albert Heijn stores check out our store locator. To far away from you? You can order your Magioni at Albert Heijn and Body & Fitshop.

Where can I purchase my Magioni pizza?

Unfortunately, our products are not on the shelves of every Albert Heijn yet. But we’re getting there! You can find our pizzas at the following retailers.

I love what you have done and would like to have my products in Albert Heijn as well, but how do I make this happen?

This is definitely a frequently asked question at Magioni. Is it all luck? A terrific product? Knowing the right people? It’s all of that and more! Start with a great idea. Run tests and proof its scalability. Next up, search for the right people and manufacturers that can craft the product so it passes Albert Heijn quality standards with flying colours. All set? Be ready for a final series of test days at Albert Heijn, and hopefully your product will soon be ready for the shelves!