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Products No more kitchen nightmares, the first ready-made cauliflower pizza is out there! Aside from this favourite we continue our quest for new and healthy pizza recipes. For instance, check out our beetroot pizza crust! No time to top your own pizza? Go for one of our two ready-made varieties. Want to know more about the nutrional values of our pizzas? Click on one of our products below. Do you think you have a winning recipe that should be added to our product range? Don’t hestitate to contact us. We’re always open to great suggestions!

Cauliflower pizza crust

Our cauliflower pizza is the perfect choice for getting to know what Magioni vegetable pizzas are all about. You’ll be surprised that this pizza crust with neutral taste and colour is actually made of cauliflower! The ready-made cauliflower pizza crust can be easily topped with all of your favourite ingredients. Who says healthy food can’t be tasty? Have you tasted Magioni’s cauliflower pizza yet? Our pizza crust contains 70 grams of cauliflower and 30% less carbs compared to a regular pizza crust. Super healthy! This might sound unlikely but trust us, Magioni cauliflower pizza is delicious and fits perfectly into your healthy lifestyle. Top your own cauliflower pizza crust and turn a regular meal into a pizza party!

Magioni producten. crosta bloemkool
Magioni producten crosta rode biet

Beetroot pizza crust

This beetiful pizza packs a punch! It derives its pretty purple colour from a mixture of flower, beetroot fibres, and red beet juice. Add your favourite toppings to this colourful crust with high nutritional value to make your pizza oven-ready. Ready in no time for your own pizza party!


Beef Bastard

The Beef Bastard was one of our first topped pizzas. This cauliflower pizza crust topped with tomato sauce, pulled beef, and a delicious barbecue sauce has a sensational taste. This is the perfect healthy, ready-made meal when you just don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The Beef Bastard is also the perfect snack to serve during evening drinks or corporate events.

Magioni producten beef basterd
Magioni producten veganini


Magioni’s Veganini is a real eye catcher. The beetroot pizza crust together with some Dutch goat’s cheese, a mixture of mushrooms, and a home-made goat’s cheese sauce give this pizza its incredible taste. Another excellent option for serving a healthy and delicious meal in just seconds! Mega tasty and 100% instagram proof!