Pumpkin Cinnamon pancakes

Pumpkin Cinnamon pancakes Product

The first-ever fresh-chilled, ready-to-eat pancakes that are not only irresistibly delicious and fluffy, but also a lot better for you because in addition to vegetables, it also contains significantly less sugars and fat vs. traditional refrigerated American Pancakes.

These fluffy American pancakes are made with 44% pumpkin puree and spelt flour and a touch of cinnamon. Irresistibly delicious and high in protein. Easily and quickly enjoy nutritious pancakes.


Pumpkin puree (44 %), Spelt flour (wheat), pasteurized liquid egg, pasteurized liquid egg white, oat flour, pasteurized egg white powder, refined sunflower oil, honey, baking powder, leavening agents (E450, E500), anti-caking agent (calcium carbonate), corn starch) , skimmed milk powder, cinnamon, preservative (E202).


Nutrional values Per 100 gr. Per pancake
Energy 903kj - 216 kcal 361kj - 86 kcal
Fats 6,7g 2,7g
Fats of which saturates 0,82g 0,33g
Proteins 11g 4,5g
Carbs 26g 11g
Carbs of which sugars 7,3g 2,9g
Viber 2,5g 1,0g
Salt 0,80g 0,32g
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