Magioni cauliflower pizza


Our cauliflower pizza tastes 100% like pizza, but is as nutritious as a salad. Pizza can be your favourite vegetable! Bet you didn’t think so hey?! This way you can enjoy your favourite pizza every week and still consume 70 grams of vegetables without tasting the difference! We dare you!

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What is a cauliflower pizza?


Since 2015, the #bloemkoolpizza pizza on social media has become increasingly common. People wanted to eat their favourite comfort food, but didn’t want the extra pounds that came with it. The beginning of a trend was born. By making a base of vegetables alone, you are consuming less calories and carbohydrates, and you will also get extra fibre from all those vegetables. You would think it would be a win-win situation…  Unfortunately, making a cauliflower pizza yourself takes a lot time. So we thought, there must be an easier way.


There had to be a cauliflower pizza that you could just buy ready-made in the supermarket. Same benefits, but no exploding kitchen and more time to watch your favourite shows on TV. Et voilà! There you have it! Less flour, more vegetables and still that old familiar pizza flavour. A pizza doesn’t taste like one big green bite, and we understand that!


Why should I eat a cauliflower pizza?


A cauliflower pizza is a pizza made largely from cauliflower. Sounds quite logical. By replacing some of the flour in the pizza dough with cauliflower, the pizza base is immediately healthier. This ensures that our cauliflower pizza has the following advantages in comparison to a standard pizza base:


  • 30% less calories
  • 30% less carbohydrates
  • At least 70 grams of vegetables per base
  • No added sugars or salt
  • A lot easier to digest


Note! We do not yet have a cauliflower pizza developed without wheat flour. Our cauliflower pizzas are therefore not gluten free.

Who is the cauliflower pizza for?


Our cauliflower pizzas are eaten by everyone. Of course there are people who don’t like pizza … (yes, they really exist!). The Magioni Cauliflower Pizza is mainly popular with those who want to eat healthier but do not know where to start. Kids are big fans of our cauliflower pizzas too! Of course, as a parent you want your children to eat as many vegetables as possible. Because we have “hidden” almost 70 grams of vegetables in the pizza base, they have the idea that they are just eating pizza.

The great advantage of our cauliflower pizza is that they simply taste like pizza. You have the idea that you are eating a fresh pizza base. This ensures even the biggest pizza lovers choose our bases. You don’t taste any of those vegetables!

Magioni cauliflower recipes


A cauliflower pizza is far from boring. You can top it with whatever you want. We take care of a healthier base, you finish it! Do you make a standard salami pizza or do you prefer a vegan recipe?


For inspiration, we have written several cauliflower pizza recipes for you. Saves you a lot of work. If you don’t really fancy cooking, we also have a topped cauliflower pizza for you! All you have to do is pop it in the oven, it’s as easy as that!

Even if you don’t like cauliflower!


A question we get pretty often is whether you really taste the cauliflower. We don’t think so, but there are always people who obviously do taste it. To find out, try the cauliflower pizza yourself. You can make up your own mind and decide for yourself?


Do you really not like cauliflower or have you tasted our cauliflower pizza and you don’t want to try it again? We have also added other pizza flavours to our assortment. Think of beetroot, courgette or pumpkin. Definitely worth a try!

Making a cauliflower pizza yourself


The Magioni cauliflower pizza does not consist of 100% cauliflower. That wasn’t a success and we couldn’t keep it down. A pizza has to stay a pizza, of course! Now we aren’t difficult and we’d like to share the recipe for a homemade cauliflower pizza (and a kitchen explosion) with you:


pizza recepten 1Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Take a cauliflower (duh).

Slice the cauliflower into small parts and then grind finely with a kitchen machine.

Put the finely grounded cauliflower in the microwave (for about 5 minutes).

Allow the cauliflower to cool and then drain the moisture from the mixture with a clean tea cloth. Do this until there is almost no more water dripping out of the tea towel (we never said it was easy).

Mix the cauliflower with an egg, some Italian herbs, a handful of grated cheese and some salt and pepper.

All you have to do is divide the mixture evenly onto the baking paper. We recommend that you form a perfect circle, but we all know that this doesn’t always work.

Bake the cauliflower pizza for 20 minutes in the pre heated oven. Would you rather the base be crunchier? Bake the pizza for 25 minutes.

The cauliflower pizza is now ready! Top it with your favourite vegetables, tomato sauce or other toppings and you’re ready to go.

Tada! Your homemade cauliflower pizza is ready. Take a slice first, and then tidy that messy kitchen.