The pizza it all started with; the cauliflower pizza base. On Instagram, each foodie put a #cauliflowerpizza on their feed. In addition, we also saw more and more people trying to make a home-made cauliflower pizza themselves. In the end 9 out of 10 times it didn’t really work, and ended in disappointment. There were no real signs of that real pizza anymore. That had to be different, we thought sooner rather than later. After lots of failed pizzas we have found the recipe for the best cauliflower pizza. Fully ready-made. Meanwhile, our fresh cauliflower pizza base has already become a permanent meal in the weekly menu at many pizza lovers. We don’t blame them! The cauliflower pizza base tastes just like a real pizza, but is as nutritional as a salad. Hard to believe right? By replacing about 30% of the flour for 70 grams of vegetables, the base becomes healthier than a standard pizza base. So it basically ‘’tastes just like a real pizza’’. That’s something that is equally important to us.

No topping is too crazy for this pizza. And because you don’t see any vegetables because they are all hidden in the pizza base, this base is perfect for anyone who is usually picky when it comes to veggies!


Our cauliflower pizza bases can be found in the supermarket in the fresh department, they have a short expiration date. Would you like to eat it at a later date? You can freeze the pizza bases, they will then have an expiration date of one month.


Tip: Have you tasted our Pulled Beef pizza yet? A cauliflower pizza base, topped with our own tomato sauce, mozzarella and pulled beef. All you have to do is just pop it in the oven.


WHEAT flour, cauliflower (37%), yeast, rapeseed oil, rice flour, salt, sunflower oil, preservatives (E281)

Made in a company that also processes eggs, soy, milk, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphites and lupin.


Values apply to an unprepared cauliflower pizza base.


Per 100 gramsPer pizza
Energy928 kJ (222 kcal)1670 kJ (399 kcal)
Of which are saturated0,4g0,7g
Of which are sugars2,1g4g
Nutrient fibre2,4g4,3g
Grams of vegetable37,2g67g


Values apply to an unprepared cauliflower pizza base.


Per pizza crust
(180 grams)
Energy1670 kJ (399 kcal)
Of which are saturated0,7g
Of which are sugars4g
Nutrient fibre4,3g
Grams of vegetable67g



  • WHEATflour

Can include traces of:

  • celery and celery based products
  • lu­pi­ne and lu­pi­ne bases products
  • milk and milk based products (including lactose)
  • mustard and mustard based products
  • soya and soya based products
  • sesame seeds and sesame seed based products