Pizza Tartufo

pizza tartufo

Pizza Tartufo Recipe

Cauliflower pizza base

This is your new best friend on every day of the week. But only if you’re a fan of truffles of course! This pizza is one of the most popular recipes of Magioni and that’s why he stays right where he was: in our holy list of recipes. The mascarpone sauce makes the pizza creamy. And the fantastic taste of the truffle tapenade will follow… Damn, so tasty! The mushrooms and spicy red onion make sure it’s all balanced out. Who says you can only eat high end food in expensive restaurants? You can finish this pizza with a classic Parma ham or a vegetarian variant. Or leave the pizza as it is.

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  • / 2 Magioni cauliflower pizza bases
  • / 100g mascarpone
  • / 1 tablesspoon truffel tapenade
  • / 100g mushroommix
  • / 15g red onion
  • / Red cabbage sprouts
  • / 3 slices of Parma ham (optional)

How to prepare

  1. Preheat the oven at 220 °C and prebake the pizza bases for 3 minutes.

  2. Meanwhile mix the mascarpone with the truffle tapenade until you have a smooth sauce. Cut the small red onion into half and slice it. Bake the mushrooms for 3 minutes on high heat.

  3. Spread the mascarpone/truffle sauce on the pizza bases and top it off with the red onion and baked mushrooms.

  4. Bake the pizzas for another 8 minutes in the oven.

  5. If you eat it with Parma ham, rip the Parma ham into pieces and spread this over the baked pizzas. Finish it off with the sprouts. Bon Appétit!

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